30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge! This page will serve as a hub: here you will find links to daily challenge pages, YouTube videos, graphics you can post to social media, and other goodies associated with the challenge.

We originally ran this challenge in April 2015. Even though the guided challenge is over, you can go through the challenge at your own pace by using the links below. Bookmark this page so you can visit daily.

Daily Challenges:

Day One: Believe
Day Two: Self-Care Manifesto
Day Three: Drink Water
Day Four: Breathe
Day Five: Recognize Beauty in Nature
Day Six: Dance
Day Seven: Smile
Day Eight: Savor
Day Nine: Walk
Day Ten: Reflect

Day Eleven: Watch a Movie
Day Twelve: Meditate
Day Thirteen: De-clutter
Day Fourteen: Read
Day Fifteen: Reconnect
Day Sixteen: Act of Kindness
Day Seventeen: Say No
Day Eighteen: Gratitude
Day Nineteen: Take a Nap
Day Twenty: Reflect Again

Day Twenty-one: Color
Day Twenty-two: Do It
Day Twenty-three: Cardio
Day Twenty-four: Compliment
Day Twenty-five: Learn
Day Twenty-six: Sing!
Day Twenty-seven: Organize Your Workspace
Day Twenty-eight: Visualize
Day Twenty-nine: Eliminate a Bad Habit
Day Thirty: Final Reflection


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