Positive Affirmations Books

Begin the process of loving yourself.

Positive affirmations books: I am responsible for success I achieveDissatisfied and feeling down?

Does the weight of the world feel like it’s on your shoulders? Are you caught in the hamster wheel – always moving but getting no where? We are often our own worst enemy, but positive affirmations can help.

Negativity is a health risk. It impacts your thinking and mindset and can lead to increased levels of stress. Humans have about 60,000 thoughts per day, and 80% of those thoughts are negative. So common are our negative thoughts that we don’t even realize how negative most thoughts are.

Turn thoughts and words into positive affirmations

An affirmation is a short positive statement that is true (or you want to be true). The process of repeating affirmations daily has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind. The best part is – you can start small and make a big difference in your attitude and mindset.

Positive Affirmations Books

I offer two positive affirmations books that guide you step-by-step to making changes in your life through positive affirmations.

Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations by Stacy Kenny MitchellPositive Affirmations is a step-by-step guide to help you get started creating and using affirmations.

The book explains:

  • what affirmations are
  • what the benefits are
  • what obstacles you might face – and how to overcome them
  • how to know if positive affirmations are making a difference in your life
  • how to create your own affirmations

To get you started, there are over 250 affirmations covering relationships, career, health & wellness, spirituality, and other areas of life. Positive Affirmations is a quick and concise guide to walking you through changing your thinking.

Available as an eBook and in paperback from the following retailers:

Directly from I Take Success
(eBook only – formats for Kindle, Nook, iBook, and other readers)

(eBook and paperback)

Barnes and Noble
(paperback only)

Positive Affirmations for Teachers

Positive Affirmations for TeachersTeachers know the importance of maintaining a positive outlook; it’s something they try to project every day to their students. But it’s also important for them to remind themselves that the amazing and wonderful things they do often change a child’s life – even if that change is not immediate. Their efforts matter – often more than they’ll ever know.

Available from the following online retailers:

(eBook and paperback)

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