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Health, Happiness, & Success Coach. Author and Speaker. I help women entrepreneurs put together a DIY marketing plan while helping them balance life and work.
Health, Happiness, & Success Coach. Author and Speaker. I help people become a healthier and happier version of themselves.

Born an Entrepreneur

I am Stacy Kenny Mitchell, and I was born an entrepreneur. Although I’m not exactly sure what my first enterprise was, I do remember that by the time I was ten I was making and selling (and people were buying!) stuff. I remember selling my 5th grade teacher felt ornaments that I made.

Thirty plus years later, I’ve spent most of my adult life being my own boss. I’ve run a variety of businesses – from computer consulting to owning a quilt & yarn shop. My father used to joke that I needed a business cube instead of a business card.

I made (and still make) plenty of mistakes along the way; learned many things the hard way. The biggest lesson I learned was about taking care of myself and my family. It’s easy, especially when starting a new business, to devote 99% (or more) of your time and energy into your venture. That’s a formula for burnout and disaster.

This website is all about helping you find balance between work and life. Here you’ll find information on personal growth and the very important topic of self-care. You want good health, to be happy, and have success! I want that for you too.

I offer a variety of in person workshops for individuals and small businesses, including Time Management, Stress Management, and Health Coaching. Remote coaching is also available, as are my online courses.

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I have a degree in English Literature from Bryn Mawr College (class of 1990). In 2015 I received my Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition (IIN). A life-long learner, I am always learning and researching ways to improve myself and help others.

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