How to Be Happier: Getting Started with Happiness

How to Be Happier

Get started on your personal growth journey: happinessTrue happiness lives within. Money can’t buy it. Someone can’t give it to you. Happiness comes from your attitude about life and the way you live life.

It’s not always easy to be happy or find the happiness, and for some it takes dedicated practice. I’ve met very few people who couldn’t use at least a little more happiness in their lives.

Change Your Mindset

One place to start, is changing your mindset or the way you look at things. If you find yourself always seeing the negative or down-side of a situation and therefore evaluating the situation in that light, it’s going to be harder to find happiness. Other the other hand, if you can find the positive – the silver lining of a situation, then you are much more likely to maintain a happy spirit. This doesn’t mean that you never feel sadness or anger or pain, just that take those emotions for what they are and look at the whole picture instead of focusing on just the negative part.

You can practice, because indeed it takes practice, by using positive affirmations every day. An affirmation is a short positive statement that is true (or you want to be true). The process of repeating affirmations daily has a powerful effect on the subconscious mind. The best part is – you can start small and make a big difference in your attitude and mindset.

Practice Gratitude

Another path on the journey of happiness is practicing gratitude. There have been multiple studies on the effect that feeling gratitude has not only on your mood, but on your physical body (people who practice gratitude tend to make choices that lead to better health, like eating well and exercising). There are several gratitude journals on the market, and in my own Successful Life Planner, I have a place to record gratitude and reflections for the week.

I also spend my first few waking moments each morning thinking about someone whose presence in my life I am grateful for and why. It’s a delightful way to start to the day and has really helped me to be appreciative of what I have and not focus on what I think is lacking.

Practice Kindness

You’d think it could go without saying, but if you are kind to people – nice, friendly, amicable – you’ll be happier. Unfortunately, many have not gotten that memo. Kindness goes hand in hand with gratitude. So be kind to others and to yourself. Not sure how to proceed, then start out small by simply smiling at people.

Where to Go From Here: Happiness

So how does one go about practicing happiness? Here are some links to start your on your happiness journey. You may want to bookmark this page so you can come back to check out the other links!

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Practicing Gratitude

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Practicing Kindness

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TED Talks

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