Daily Routine: Getting One

Having been self employed for close to 20 years, I’ve had a very flexible schedule. I’ve generally lived each day as “what do I need to accomplish today or this week?” With launching this new business, I’m finding that my usual lackadaisical attitude just isn’t going to cut it. I need a real daily routine.

Between making connections on social media, writing blog posts, and working on my Network Marketing business, there are a lot of little things that fall through the cracks if I’m not careful to keep a checklist of tasks and goals.

Notice I mentioned goals. Because every task, no matter how mundane, should be contributing to a goal. Otherwise, why would you do it? Equally important is to make sure that time is wisely spent. No sense in spending 3 hours on something that ultimately won’t make a significant impact on the goal.

Now this new daily routine isn’t going to magically come together in one day – or probably even one week. Most likely it will require constant tweaking as my goals are met and change. But I’d like to get a basic foundation in place within the next couple of weeks.

So today I am going to list my goals and the daily and weekly tasks associated with those goals. If you are interested in developing or revamping your daily routine, then join me on my journey. Make your list of goals and tasks. If it seems daunting, then focus on one goal and the tasks required to make it happen. Check back tomorrow to see my preliminary list!

What tasks are part of your daily routine?

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