2016 Successful Life Planner and Journal

Life is a journey you should enjoy. Plan and journal that journey with the 2016 Successful Life PlannerLife is a journey

Planning and recording that journey are part of creating a successful life. The Successful Life Planner is both calendar and journal.


It provides a monthly calendar – with the months presented in continuous four week segments with space to note monthly and weekly goals. The weekly calendar section provides ample space to record daily details as well as a place to write gratitude and reflections of the week.


Each week is followed by a two-page spread with an area to take notes and a small section to jot down what is happening in the moment: what you are reading, listening to, creating, wishing, needing, and feeling. These are the small moments that time quickly forgets but are the very fabric of a successful life: showing you what you’ve achieved and what obstacles you’ve overcome.

Bound as a Keepsake

The 2016 Successful Life Planner is a beautifully bound, hardback book. Although the book comes with a dust jacket, I remove mine as I like the look and feel of the black linen cover. The spine reads “2016 Successful Life Planner” in gold lettering. It will look lovely on a bookshelf in years to come, serving as a reference of goals created and achieved, birth of ideas, and memories of milestones.

The 2017 version will be available soon. Check back in September 2016…