TMPP Episode 1: Introduction and Interruptions

Time Management & Productivity Podcast Episode 1: Introduction and Three Tips on Dealing with InterruptionsWelcome to my first episode of I Take Success: Time Management and Productivity Podcast.

The goal of this podcast series is to discuss how we think about time, how to track your time and analyze what you find, as well as share tips and techniques to help you take back control of your time.

In this episode I introduce myself and how I became (and am still working on being ) a time management master. Then we get right to the meat of the episode – dealing with the number one time management frustration: interruptions. I give you three quick and actionable tips to help you deal with at least some of the barrage of workplace interruptions one faces each day.

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As a bonus, I have a cheat sheet on those three tips to deal with workplace interruptions for you to download.


I’d love to know what your biggest frustration is when it comes to time management and productivity. Let me know in the comments below.

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